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Shadow Work Alchemy

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism; a spiritual practice involving healing, spiritualism and entering connection with your higher self

Shamanism holds the belief that the natural world has two plains. Our everyday awareness and our higher consciousness or 'higher truth' that can be accessed through altered states of consciousness. Your inner self is in constant communication with all aspects of your environment, seen and unseen. Shamanic healing is a way of connecting and communicating with your spirit self and retrieving information, messages and healing.

You need only to journey within to find answers to your questions. What you are seeking is seeking you.

I believe healing is possible at all levels of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. All treatments I offer share the same principle: taking care of the whole being; Mind, Body and Spirit.

Our Soul is our inner compass guiding us towards our higher truth and purpose. When you take a step towards aligning yourself with your soul’s calling transformative changes occur.

Amanda Dutson

What is involved in a session?

Every human is completely unique, which is why every session is tailored to the individual and what they are experiencing at any given time. Our appointment time includes a check-in at the start to see what feels current for you. We will discuss your desires and intentions for the session, any fears or concerns you have and what feels ok or not ok for us to include in the session that day. I use a variety of techniques and tools to release trapped emotions and trauma in the body and restore inner balance and peace. These techniques include guided meditation, shamanic drum journeying, shamanic dialogue, emotional release, breath-work, Reiki and intuitive touch. Session’s range from 1 hour to 3 hours depending on your desired result and are priced on the country you are located in.

Shamanic Healing is completely safe and accessible to anyone from all walks of life. No prior knowledge or experience is required. All sessions are unique and are intuitively guided to meet your specific desires, known and unknown.

"I will create a space in which you can feel emotionally and energetically held, safe, and able to relax. All emotions and feelings are welcome throughout the session."

I also hold cord cutting rituals which are incredibly powerful for reclaiming our power from past relationships, romantic or otherwise. Every relationship we enter creates an energetic cord between ourselves and the other person. We can clear these energetic ties between friends, family, past loves and more which enable us to move forward in our true empowerment.​

When we silence our minds, we can allow our body the freedom to move through our emotional and physical voice. When we shine a light on places where culture, religion and society has kept us from expressing who we really are, we open ourselves to revealing our deepest truths.

Together we will create ritual space to call in power and healing. This is a sacred and honouring process and encourages you to surrender to you subconscious mind.

Where do you do your sessions?

I travel often and offer services in Bali, Battersea, London, Byron Bay, and Geelong, Australia or in your home if you desire and we are in the same location.

I also provide distance healings; the power of the process remains the same.

Special events such as birthdays, hen’s parties, group bookings are available upon request.

"I had two healing sessions recently with Amanda during a really difficult breakup and wanted to write to say how beneficial they were in releasing stuck emotion. As a yoga teacher I’m very familiar with how unexpressed emotions can lodge in the body and prolong suffering, and yet my own practice wasn’t helping me where I needed it to. In two separate sessions about a month apart, Amanda created a safe and beautiful space for me to let go of what no longer served me and genuinely allowed my mind and body to experience, release and refresh. In both sessions I learned a lot about myself and was able to release trapped energy within my body."

Ellie Grace - Yoga Teacher

“You created a welcoming and warm space in your beautiful home for me. I felt deep healing and release from this experience. I learnt so much from your knowledge and the Journey itself. You are a gifted healer.”

-Tania - Workshop Participant

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