My Clients Say It Best..

(Please note: 45% of my clients are men yet most of my testimonials are women. 

I'm working on that, stay tuned)

“I just wanted to thank you so much for our session we had a few months ago. After living with so much fear and holding on to past pain I never thought I’d be ready or brave enough to go back for more children and after our time together I feel like I released so much pain and felt so clear headed and light hearted afterwards. It gave me the strength to dig deep and assess what my heart truly wants and I finally felt ready for another baby. I never thought it would happen but I’m so happy to tell you that I’m 8 weeks pregnant and you played such a huge part in this. Thank you so much for helping me find my voice and my courage when I thought it was lost.”

Kira Giles

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Amanda saw my soul from the very beginning and I knew that she would have a great impact on my life. Having tried therapy and coaching before, I have high expectations for the person working with me. Amanda knows how to get to the core of the issue and isn’t afraid to be direct with me and “to say the thing”. She challenges me to be bigger and better and pushes me out of my comfort zone, so I can grow into the woman I wish to be. With Amanda I feel truly seen and held and her fiery spirit and dedication to this work, means that I always leave a talk with her feeling inspired and with an action plan. In the months that I have known Amanda, my life has in fact changed drastically and become magical and she helps me feel more connected to myself, to my body, to my intuition and to trust my process.

Laura Comacho Therapist

Laura Camacho - Psychologist & Clinical Therapist

"Amanda invited me into a deeply healing breathwork ritual designed to express and relieve anger. I’d been experiencing a lock in my lower back for about 2 weeks - total lack of flexibility and movement, and a deep pain when walking. In our ritual, Amanda guided me through an activating breathing practice and expertly lead me to a place where I was able to express and release anger through sound, movement and tears. By the end of the practice I was exhausted and went to bed. The next day my back pain was gone and I felt a hundred times lighter. Her ritual helped me to realise what a hard time I have expressing anger and how my mind and body suffer when I repress it. I can’t thank her enough for lifting the way for me on this one - it’s marked a turning point in my self awareness and my treatment and expression of vital human emotions."

Ellie Grace - Yoga Teacher

Ellie Grace Yoga

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If I had to describe Amanda’s coaching sessions in one word it would be .... POWERFUL! She has a real talent to get deep down into the places you didn’t even know existed, in the mind and the heart, but in a soft non intrusive or judgmental way. Amanda makes me feel completely safe while in my sessions and allows me to really unearth the things I need,  when I had no idea I needed them. She’s given me tactics to use in my daily life to help remind myself who I am and to overcome certain things that can hold me back. Amanda really is a true gift.

Jessica Mackenzie - Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur, Mum to Olive and Lottie

"It was my first time doing Shamanic Yoga and I have to say it was by far one of the most powerful yoga practices I have ever experienced. Amanda is a such a light with such heart warming energy and so much love to give. She instantly made me feel comfortable and safe to come to the mat with whatever was present within. This was the most intentional and sacred yoga practice that I have ever experienced, with each movement guided by Amanda as a prayer to your Higher Self. The music chosen and scents to assist the practice was perfectly placed to encourage a journey deep into our Spirit. I could not recommend Amanda highly enough as a Yoga teacher but also as a human being with an enormous heart."

woman 5

I just wanted to thank you again for our session. I don’t think I can fully put into words how special it was and how special I think you are. You really are an incredible person with so much power to change the world. I’ve just written a little feedback down below, I’m happy for you to share it if you want to;

I went into Amanda’s session feeling so burdened with grief, pain and anxiety having no idea what to expect. All I knew is that I had to try it. At the beginning of our session I was very nervous because I wasn’t sure if I could let go and let myself just fully be vulnerable and embrace the experience but my heart told me that I needed to do it. Amanda made me feel so comfortable and instantly at ease with no judgement and only love and understanding. It was exactly what I needed to allow myself to fully open myself up. We started with breath work and ended with some deep meditation. Whilst I’m not sure how to explain all we did in our session together, I can say it was almost like an out of body experience where I could just be and feel instead of think and be in my head leaving ego and worry behind. I felt like I released so much negative energy and trauma that I had been holding on to for such a long time and had never fully been able to let go of until that moment. I walked out feeling the most at peace I have felt in a long time and like I was floating. Amanda made me feel so safe and I am so happy that she was able to help me. I highly recommend anyone trying this, Amanda is a healer of the heart, body and soul."

Kira Giles - Super Mum

“Ever beautiful, divinely present. Very welcoming of all. A true master of holding space. A connection that women need but don’t often have. A very natural and familiar space but one which is unknown to us in the busy modern life. Give yourself the gift of this time. I wish it was longer. One day let’s do a whole day.”

Louise Viveiros - Fitness Coach

Louise Viveiros


This is my life purpose

"There is a special kind of magic that occurs when you open your heart, mind and soul to the opportunities you can create for yourself with Amanda's guidance. I have heard the term 'holding space' used many times, they way in which Amanda does this is by far the most authentic example of a human being a vessel for you to unpack your own magic & heal from deep scars we may not be able to identify ourselves.  Through her coaching, embodiment practices & support to deep dive into your soul, Amanda helped me to heal my pain and is draw out my personal magic session by session. Yes, I had a breakdown in my life which led me back to Amanda. There is no such thing in life as coincidence I know now more than ever, I created the possibility of working with her to unravel parts of myself that even I didn't know were tangled. Sometimes I find myself trying to 'make sense' of how she does what she does, but am learning that the best way to create magic is to stop trying to understand it and just surrender & trust. I recall 'breaking up" with my psychologist and surrendering fully to the coaching of Amanda and have never looked back. I thank you for encouraging my bravery and helping me to unleash my magic. You are true gift.

Joanne - Education Director


"Amanda saw my soul from the very beginning and I knew that she would have a great impact on my life. Having tried therapy and coaching before, I have high expectations for the person working with me. Amanda knows how to get to the core of the issue and isn’t afraid to be direct with me and “to say the thing”. She challenges me to be bigger and better and pushes me out of my comfort zone, so I can grow into the woman I wish to be. With Amanda I feel truly seen and held and her fiery spirit and dedication to this work, means that I always leave a talk with her feeling inspired and with an action plan. In the months that I have known Amanda, my life has in fact changed drastically and become magical and she helps me feel more connected to myself, to my body, to my intuition and to trust my process."

Laura Comacho - Clinical Therapist

Soul shifting, deep, high vibrational and an opening to a healing you didn’t realise you needed. I felt like no time had passed but that we connected on a level I can’t quite put into words. An opening to a healing you didn’t realise you still needed. I loved the physical contact and hugs. Beautifully open and authentic.”

Joanne Panetta

Just before writing this, I searched for the meaning of your name.. I don't think it defines us by any means, but I do love to know these kind of things. " A gift from God"

How completely fitting for you, the woman you are - you radiate love + this is a perfect description of what I received.


I stumbled upon your page on instagram and felt an instant connection. You were in Byron for only a short time + with limited sessions. I don't often enough take time for myself, but I knew that I would benefit greatly from meeting you. I needed to disconnect + reconnect back to myself. I instantly felt safe, at ease and honestly completely loved.

We started our session and it was an amazing journey of forgiveness + release.

Amanda released physical blockages in my body through reiki, which is like nothing I have ever experienced before.

What I absolutely loved though, was her drum work.

Everyone has their own beat, and intuitively Amanda plays yours...to you.

After my split with with my babes dad, I honestly could not entertain the thought of being with anybody. I felt stagnant and sad.

Amanda unlocked something deep within me............ i could feel again...

Through the beat of her drum...playing my own tribal beat back to me.

She made me remember my pulse..... and I could feel it pumping through my veins and deep within my womb.

The cord cutting was super powerful too, the images that were smack bang in the forefront of my eyes wide closed were intense.

You healed me on the day of my daughter's birth.

I felt a full circle being met, I honestly don't think this would have been possible without you.

I remember the absolute lightness + pure love that I felt throughout the entirety of our session.

That will never leave me, and I feel that your energy has had a ripple effect onto my life.

I love you.

Amanda. YOU are a gift from GOD....and I am eternally grateful for being in and experiencing the divinity of your presence and essence.

So much love,

▾︎︎ 🖤 Renee Connelly 🖤 ▾︎︎ @airandstardust

“Supportive, calm, a wonderful leader. A relaxing and enlightening connection with your inner self.”

Bridgit Pearl

"I received a truly transformational healing experience with @builtfromthefire Thank you gorgeous divine soul for your warmth and intuitive wisdom and for listening to my soul and allowing it to speak. I feel so grateful that I was able to release all that no longer serves me. I feel light as a feather! You are such a special being. Thank you to the moon and the stars and back again."


“The session with you was so powerful. I feel so light and joyful and free. I went home and jumped on my husband and we had the most liberating and enjoyable, joyful and loud sex!!!! I am so grateful for your love, support and generous spirit. You are truly magnificent. Thank you a million times over. I have been searching for this release for a long time. It feels so wonderful to finally let go. Much love your way. May you be happy and feel abundantly blessed by all you do.”


"If you are ready to live your best life this is the retreat for you. It is deeply healing, loving, an empowering collection of practices and learnings that are shared that are both beyond this world and real world practical. There is no greater gift you can offer the world and yourself that being you and in your power. I learnt that at this retreat.

Amanda is a feast for the soul to watch weave her magic. She is so present, in alignment and in her power. She shared so much love, patience, heart an d generosity. The world is so lucky to have you sharing your gifts and creating the New Earth.

I learnt how powerful we can all be, how much I have grown and seeing the hope through the powerful earth warriors I shared this journey with.

I am leaving behind stuck energy, trapped emotions, boundaries that aren’t strong or clear enough and fears. Everything was actually perfect."

Erica Louise @healing-e

Thank you oh so so so much for a beautiful session. I can't tell you how much it meant to me. Meeting you felt like another piece of the puzzle came together. Your gift is truly amazing, thank you for sharing it with me & guiding me on my journey to harness my highest self.


"I came from a place of fear, doubt & uncertainty to clarity, light & abundant love in my true self. I can walk this journey now in confidence of my power. Thank you again for a beautiful experience in a safe & nurturing space you create" Emma Radleyu @mother_grubb

“Amanda is very embracing, sensitive and comforting. You feel blessed and graceful during this session. You find your inner true self that supports you forever.” Engel Silke

“Very accommodating, from making sure everyone has everything to asking what the experience (was like) at the end. A must or you are missing out. The drum and guidance from Amanda has me returning every time.”

Sinead White


“Gentle and connected. An opportunity to shed the layers of protection and feel. The experience was exactly what was needed.”

Barb Ferguson

"I received Amanda’s beautiful healing treatment in the comfort of my own room, where she used intuitive touch to move deep sadness and grief from my body. I entered the space feeling quite locked up and depressed and afterwards was able to tune into the deeper messages of my body and to release much-needed tears. Afterwards, Amanda told me of the two spirit animals she’d seen during my session, and told me of their significance in my life. I felt so nurtured and held in her care and know that what she possesses is natural and effortless healing wisdom. This woman is a beauty!"

Ellie Grace


“Transformative and deeply relaxing. Very accomodating, kind and gentle. Welcoming. Brilliant holding space for us all.”

Justyce Dixon-McConachy

Amanda is absolutely beautiful in every way. During our session I got emotional because I felt that I had an angel working on me. Amanda has the purest and most free energy of anyone I have ever met. She doesn’t judge you and you really feel you could say anything to her and you will be met with love and understanding.

The reiki was an amazing experience and I will definitely have it done again. The shamanic drumming at the end of the session was beautiful and took me to another place.

I have been dreaming since our session. Which I love. The weirder the better lol I felt so relaxed and calm afterwards.

I felt calm and relaxed. I walked in feeling not worthy but walked out feeling completely worthy. I have been dreaming a lot which I love. Before my session I was dreaming sporadically.

Amber H



Thank you, from the depths of my heart. Truly.

Yesterday was the start of me, fully embodied and I am so very grateful.

Thank you. I am so excited to see what is next for me.

My testimonial is below, you have my permission to use it and my name however you feel:

I feel words cannot do justice to the experience I had with Amanda.

The Soul Session was that final brave step into all I have been working towards. Me. The way in which Amanda held space for me to do this was, in all honesty, the most honourable and respectful experience I have ever had. She is pure earth magic and to be able share the circle with her was such a blessing.

Her insights, gentle nudges and realignments were tailored just for me, allowing me pure healing.

The spaciousness I now feel within is a powerful reminder of who I am and all that was released to make way for everything I desire.

I am in absolute awe of Amanda’s gift.

Renee MacKay


“Amanda was amazing. It was amazing and felt I felt warm and safe.”

Sharyne Santos


“Beautiful soul and very caring. Very calming.”

Pam Suhan

"My Reiki session with Amanda was an absolute treat. With warm hands and an open heart she transported me from a London house to crisp countryside, the air filled with wood smoke. I felt an overwhelming sense of relaxation as she intuitively moved across my whole body to release any blockages. As the session came to a close I felt a tangible fluidity combined with an overriding sense of tranquillity. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Amanda's Reiki treatments. I believe her to be inherently gifted in the art and a natural, authentic healer."

Christina Hales​

“You created a welcoming and warm space in your beautiful home for me. I felt deep healing and release from this experience. I learnt so much from your knowledge and the Journey itself.

You are a gifted healer.”

Tania M

“Amanda, what a presence you have; calming, confident, inspiring, light with laughter. A delight. Your take on my experience was deeply insightful and you kindly acknowledged my experience. A unique fulfilling experience which anchors exercising into being. An experience of shamanic drumming which is deeply relaxing and deeply intuitive.”

Nell Jeandet


“Warm, inclusive, inviting, humorous. A superb presenter. Made me feel like I had known her for years. Thank you for being you! Relaxing, open, raw and honest. A healing journey of the heart.”

Laura Loricco


“Beautiful, humble, accepting and welcoming. An evening of learning healthy ways to express anger. A lovely visual meditation through Shamanic Journey.”



“Friendly, smiley, welcoming with a hug was lovely. Accommodating to everyone. Expressive space and non judgemental. Letting go of anger.”



“Very practical and hands on workshop exploring anger. I loved that it followed with the Drum journey-it was a beautiful way to connect to self after releasing anger and emotions. Next level.”



“Extremely welcoming. Put me at ease immediately. Very calming and made my space feel safe. I had a wonderful time and came away with new tools to take home and to work to help me. Loved it!”



“Her touch gives me warmth, her voice is soothing. Love her. The session feels like a warm hug.”


“Awesome. Loved the drum, loved your soothing voice. LOVED your touch. Calming Women’s Circle, protected and supported while finding your inner voice through stillness.”

Suse Dixon

“Amanda, you are so soothing, welcoming, gentle and nurturing. It is wonderful to be given a safe space and encouragement to give myself permission to receive.”



“Beautiful and strong. Healing, freeing, opening and powerful.”



“It was a very calming and relaxing experience, Amanda put me at ease. A great experience to let go and welcome in peace.”



“So fabulous. It’s a must for progress and development in a world that’s trying to consume you. Empathetic and so welcoming. Listened with interest and treated everyone equally.”


“Amanda is an incredible facilitator. So heart centred and the space she created was truly sacred. Most intentional yoga I have ever experienced. It was the most sacred, intentional, safe space, I loved it. You must come!” Octavia McDonald


“An amazing release of energy, sound, breath and emotions freeing myself! If you ever want to give yourself the freedom to experience your true inner self and emotions, this is the place. Very supportive, caring and loving.” Anon.


“Inspiring, down to earth, so welcoming. Calm but powerful. So nurturing. This workshop was absolutely brilliant. Come with no expectations and see where it takes you.” Sarah Robertson


“Amanda is knowledgeable, kind and does everything with love. Come with an open heart and mind and you’ll be fine. It’s a safe space and it’s most definitely filled with love.” Danielle Worrell


“You make everyone feel safe loved and accepted! So good to move from our reality/dimension (frenetic society) to a spiritual dimension where you can slow down and hear your inner voice.” Meggy Belovski


“Wonderful and calming. A way to access those emotions that you bottle up. A release valve that has the safety catch and facilitators in a calm space that allows you to trust in your body again.” Aislinn Tudhope


“The Shamanic Yoga and breathwork Journey was absolutely magical. Heart centered and empowering. No words to describe my gratitude. Will come to do this again!” Iris Garrido


“Amanda was fantastic. I felt connected to her right away, genuine and loving. A beautiful blend of physical highlights. A safe space to connect with your body and your inner being.” Izabela Dobrowolska


“Amazing. This workshop opens you up to make peace with yourself. Thank you it was really amazing.” Shelley Noonan


“A beautiful experience. I don’t know how to describe it in words.” Malgorzata Janiszewska


“Fantastic. I am often bored in yoga but I could have done that for hours. It dropped me completely into my body and I came out of my mind. Relaxing and nurturing” Anon.


“Welcoming, nurturing, inviting.”


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