“I empower people to transform their lives by revealing the soul’s truth through fierce love ”



I come from a long and ancient lineage of powerful healing women. My career began in the corporate space  where I made my way to the top despite many obstacles and challenges. It wasn’t until I was sitting at the top of this world it occurred to me to look around at what I’d built and ask; "Who am I really and what do I want?" And so begun the path to awakening to who I was born to be.


I clearly see that the challenges we face in life can be the absolute making of us. When working with clients I draw on my own personal experience of childhood trauma, suicide attempts, eating disorders, divorce and death of my soul mate. I spent many years unlearning, releasing, growing and rising in order to discover my own unique gifts. I have undergone deep initiations to create an unshakeable foundation with which to be in service to others. 


I have dedicated my life to empowering people to find emotional freedom and their purpose in life. Teaching others how to rise up and claim the delicious life that is waiting for them is my greatest gift to this world and I adore it.


I would describe myself as a fierce love advocate. My mission is to raise the consciousness of the planet through coaching, healing and yoga. How glorious is that?


Why “Built From The Fire”?

Life as we know began with fire. Life is a continual cycle of death and rebirth of which fire creates. We must be willing to allow the parts of ourselves die that do not serve in order to be reborn to new energy. What we commit to burn can be transformed into vitality, growth and love. I have risen from the ashes of pain again and again and will continue to dive deeper into my shadow in order to serve all beings on this earth. I was not born to play small. I am here to set your world on fire.


Are you ready to join me?



The official bit:

I am a Certified CTI Transformational Life Coach, a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, Ordained Shamanic Minister and Shamanic Journey Guide, Shamanic Breathwork Practitioner, Women's Circle/Workshop facilitator, Reiki Practitioner and speaker. In addition I am actively involved in neighborhood, civic, community and social issues.


I have been featured at How The Light Gets In Festival, Nowhere Festival, The London International Om Yoga Show, The Sunday Assembly and can be found hosting Sacred Women's Circles, Workshops, Yoga and Shamanic Drum Journeys in Australia London, around the world. 


"I have done different sessions with Amanda and every time I’ve been transported to places my heart and soul had to go to in order to find peace.

Her healing power is an incredible gift that she uses to help

people overcome fear, darkness, pain or simply for them to reconnect with their true selves."

Marie Lauren


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