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Create Your Dream Reality

Learn the tools and techniques needed to manifest your dreams into reality.

21th March, 7pm-8pm GST
Villa 110, Palmera 3, Arabian Ranches




-Discover the beliefs keeping you stuck

-Reveal your Shadow so you can move forward with ease

-How to discern ego vs Truth

-Why your leaky boundaries are c*ck blocking you


You can do all the gong baths, yoga, sound healing and affirmations you want however if your subconscious beliefs are clouding your vision you will block yourself and call it “bad luck”.


(Tip: there’s no such thing baby.)

The reason for this is because our sub-conscious mind it creating our reality. Blocks in our mind, body and soul must be addressed in order for us to truly receive that it is we desire.

I'll show you how.


This transformative event is your key to unlocking the limitless potential within yourself.


  • Deeper Awareness: Understand your subconscious beliefs and why you are feeling stuck.

  • Practical Techniques: Learn powerful manifestation techniques that can be easily incorporated into your daily life to attract abundance.

  • Personalised Guidance: The opportunity to receive one-on-one guidance and insights from Amanda, tailored to your specific aspirations and challenges.

  • You’ll leave with clear next steps in creating your dream life.


"With Amanda I feel truly seen and held and her fiery spirit and dedication to this work, means that I always leave a talk with her feeling inspired and with an action plan." YM, Entrepreneur 


"In the months that I have known Amanda, my life has in fact changed drastically and become magical and she helps me feel more connected to myself, to my body." Laura, Clinical Psychologist

"My decision to work with you was impulsive but one of the best things I've ever done. Thank you for the gift of your light, wisdom, and refreshing unapologetic honesty!” Yasmin, Therapist



£45 GBP/200 AED. Absolute barg.

All welcome.


(If you’re a coach or practitioner in the wellness space you’re going to want to join this event to help you sky rocket your business in 2024).


Your Workshop Host

Amanda is an Ordained Shamanic Minister, Transformation Coach and workshop facilitator.


She has 12 years solid experience guiding individuals toward achieving their goals and creating a life they love.


Amanda brings a unique blend of fun, profound wisdom and a passion to helping others manifest their deepest desires.


She is proof that building a sustainable, successful business while creating incredible results is possible. 


Over the last 12 years she has worked with hundreds of clients all over the world. Her testimonies speak for themselves: many say  in one session they've received more transformation than several years of therapy.


This has made her passionate about holistic healing and helping others sky rocket their business.


This is your opportunity to receive golden insights and a front row seat to transformation.


See you there.


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