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“We don’t have to do all of it alone.

We were never meant to.”

-Brene Brown


  • Approach to business has changed

  • Approach to what constitutes a successful business has changed

  • Approach to running a business has changed

  • Approach to how employees and organisations interact has changed (esp. since Covid)


Coaching has not.


My coaching aims to disrupt 20th Century coaching practices.


I work with all levels of business and the individuals that comprise them: from a Junior entry level Analyst to an established member of the Executive team.


More than anything, I work with people 

All problems employees face are created from underlying belief systems that need to be challenged. Period.

How employees view themselves, others and the world informs their behaviour at work and has a direct impact on their success or stagnation.

My approach: Connection, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

These interdependent 4c's are rooted in 21st century educational practice. They are centred around transformation and growth: personally and professionally. 


You either have it or you don’t right? Bullsh*t. This out dated story has created false beliefs that disempower organisations. Creativity is creating solutions. An accountant creates solutions; a programmer creates solutions; a CEO creates leadership. 


I look to empower all individuals to embrace their unique strengths to create solutions.


No shit. Yep, it's one of the most over used terms in the corporate jargon bible; for good reason. Exceptional insights can/do come from unexpected corners of any organisational matrix. Why silo ideation/feedback/production/insight/marketing? Why act alone?


Encouraging active, participatory and engaging collaboration is a core focus area that I look to foster and grow.


No one wants to be ‘that a**hole’. Unable to listen, unable to stop talking, unable to evaluate feedback on themselves. Facilitating understanding on why and how individuals communicate is transformational for business. 


Ensuring leaders, managers and individual contributors can fully articulate and communicate effective engagement is a critical component of my approach. 


Your thoughts create your reality. What is important? What should be the priority? What is on the to-do list? Why are you using a to-do list? Ensuring that the direction of decision making is congruent to the mission of the company is imperative; at all levels.


Eradicating blockers to solutions, empowering individuals to examine themselves and evaluate necessary resolutions is central to my offering. I show individuals how they are stuck and why.

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"Amanda always helps me see problems from a new perspective. She has transformed how I engage with my team and my manager"

-Adam Castledine, Senior Director,

Verizon Media

Let's work


I've worked in the corporate sector as a Business Partner and a Coach for over 12 years. I specialise in the Tech and Digital Media space and have work with clients from Google, Huff Post, Yahoo!, Verizon Digital Media and the United Nations.


I specialise in:

  • Executive Coaching

  • Team coaching

  • Empowering women in business (specifically imposter syndrome)

  • Parents juggling work and home life

  • Employees adjusting to working from home

  • Feelings of isolation and disconnection in the current climate

  • Support for overwhelm, anxiety and stress

"A true measure of intellect is not by how much you know, but how much do you

question what you know."

Amanda Hunt

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