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Below are a list of books, training courses and leaders of our time  who have helped me on my journey and I wholeheartedly  recommend.


Please support small, independant book shops or book online retailers like The Book Depository to stop the fat cats getting fatter. If you can't help it and need to use Amazon please use my affiliate links below. ALL proceeds go to the charities Beyond Blue and Black Lives Matter.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself-Joe Dispenza

When I am struck in life I re-read this book. My life then changes. Repeat.

Cracked-James Davies

For anyone with mental health challenges. A must read. You are not sick. Our system is.

The Inflamed Mind-Edward Bullmore

Changing the way we understand depression. Riveting if you're a big nerd like me.

Women Who Run With Wolves-Clarissa Pinkola Estes

A dense read but will shape the way you see yourself and the world. Every paragraph needs a week of reflection.

Why I Am No Longer Talking TO White People About Race-Reni Eddo-Lodge

A MUST read for all white people. 

Me And White Supremacy-Layla Saad

As above. Should be added to the high school curriculum.

Secrets of Natural Success-William Whitecloud

The truth about creating the life you'd love.


Louise Hay-You Can Heal Your Life

A great starting point for the understanding of the mind/body connection. (Disclaimer: as my clients know I do not believe affirmations work but believe in 'Choices' that I help my clients create which have profound results in changing their lives)

Esther Perel-Mating In Captivity

A book for anyone who has ever been in love.

Neale Donald Walsch-Conversations with God

My bible.


Brig Feltus, ReMember

A MUST for ALL people on Earth. This training changed my life and is hands down the best training course I have done.

Create Your Destiny: William Whitecloud

This training has not only changed my life but I use the premises as a  tool in my Transformation Coaching. He is not everyone's cup of tea but if you can look past William the work is profound. (Hot tip: Before you pay...he often provides these trainings free. Follow him on Facebook and look out for the next free round.)


Living Myth-Michael Meade

Beyond words. I adore this man. Wise, grounded, thought provoking. He takes us beyond this world we know to something much richer.


An engaging, fun behind the scenes look at starting a business. Easy listening.

Instagram inspiration:

The people I recommend may not have the most followers, however, I have found the hidden diamonds of this world are often the most profound...also, most leaders don't follow.

Intersection For Mankind​

Great anti racism resources and advice for being a decent human.

Rev Angel Kyoto Williams

Leader, wise woman, Empress. I would follow this woman into battle.

The Self Care Evangelist

Accessible self care advice and tools by the delicious Dani.

The Slumflower

A pioneer of give no fucks body positivity. #saggyboobsmatter

Living Shamanically

Great resource for astrological headlines without the fluff.

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