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Bridging Heaven and Earth

Yoga is the cessation of movement in the mind. A conscious connection to the breathe which is a portal to healing and vitality.


Our body is in constant communication with us, however, are you listening to the innate wisdom that is calling you?


When you take the time to disconnect from the incessant noise of the mind you allow your higher wisdom to speak via the medium of conscious movement.


As a 200hr Certified Shamanic Yoga Teacher, I will assist you to drop into your body and to energise and restore your mind.

Sprinkled with humour and fun, I bring my unique style to the art of yoga, encouraging you to follow your own pace and your bodies needs.


I host Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Classes as various studios and also provide 1:1 sessions.

Join my classes:

Space238 Vinyasa Flow Bristol Monday's 7:00am

Vital Pilates Vinyasa Flow Monday's 12:00pm

Bristol Yoga Center Vinyasa Flow Wednesday 7:30pm

Vital Pilates Vinyasa Flow Thursday's 7:00pm


You can pay cash in person or through MoveGB


My mantra is; every movement is a prayer, every breath a blessing.

"A Vinyasa class with Amanda is a journey of self discovery. The class begins by turning inward to listen to the bodies innate wisdom. The sequence begins slowly with a gentle warming of the body to prepare for a deeper dynamic flow. Once the peak has been climbed she will guide you down to a nourishing set of restorative poses designed to release any deep seated tension you may be carrying. Sprinkled with humour and fun, Amanda brings her unique style to the art of yoga, encouraging you to follow your own pace and bodies needs."

"It was my first time doing Shamanic Yoga and I have to say it was by far one of the most powerful yoga practices I have ever experienced. Amanda is a such a light with such heart warming energy and so much love to give. She instantly made me feel comfortable and safe to come to the mat with whatever was present within. This was the most intentional and sacred yoga practice that I have ever experienced, with each movement guided by Amanda as a prayer to your Higher Self. The music chosen and scents to assist the practice was perfectly placed to encourage a journey deep into our Spirit. I could not recommend Amanda highly enough as a Yoga teacher but also as a human being with an enormous heart."

Octavia McDonald, Business Owner

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